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Toothbrushes for ages 3-7

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ORAPRO® Faze2 Sparkle Brush

Item #: 400009
1+ Boxes: $48.09
144 brushes/box
Ages: 3 to 7
Bristles: Soft
Tufts: 28
Weight: 2.5# per box
28 soft and rounded bristles, securely anchored in a colorful sparkle handle. Compact, round head makes it easy to reach all teeth. Assorted colors: blue, red, purple and green.

ORAPRO® Faze2 Character Kids

Item #: 10777
1+ Boxes: $0.37, $53.28/box
144 brushes/box
Ages: 3 to 7
Bristles: Soft
Tufts: 29
Weight: 4.65# per box
Small head to easily reach all teeth. Easy grip handle. Assorted designs and colors: red, blue, teal and purple.
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