The ORAPRO® Curing Light with Caries Detection

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One instrument combines the features of a curing light with Caries detection in one powerful device. The ORAPRO® Curing Light with Caries Detection uses advanced constant light technology and an enhanced condenser light guide rod to produce a pure, bright, powerful blue light between 1600~1800mW/cm2 at full power. A simple button push changes the light color from blue to purple for Caries detection.

Multiple features for procedures requiring a curing light:
  • The curing times, controlled by the “T” button, range from 5-40 seconds in five second increments. 
  • The three working settings, controlled by the “M” button, include full power blue light (E1), gradual mode with intensity gradually increasing to full power after five seconds (E2), and blue light pulses (E3).
  • The violet Caries detection light is controlled by pressing the M button after the curing light is turned on and the blue light is functioning.
  • Light intensity does not diminish if the battery is low. Digital readout will show “LO”.
  • Light emits an audible beep when the charge is too low to reach the required brightness.

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