Slim Line Mini Non-Convertible Buccal Tubes


All the great features of the Slim Line tube in a smaller package.

The Slim Line Mini buccal tube is specially designed for partially erupted 2nd molars.

This tube incorporates all the great features of our standard Slim Line Buccal Tube, but in a small, feature-rich design. Wires are easily guided into the generous trumpeted entrance, simplifying adjustments and saving valuable chair time. Ease of bonding means less trauma to the soft tissue and more comfort for the patient.

  • Trumpeted opening allows for easier wire insertion.
  • Comfort hood design provides maximum patient comfort.
  • Small size fits easily and precisely on the mesial buccal cusp of 2nd molars. Bi-directional pylons on the base, along with the surface finish, provide an enhanced bond strength.
  • Mesially placed compound contour pad allows more surface area for additional bond strength.
Slim Line Mini Buccal Tube

The Slim Line buccal tube has eliminated the frustration and wasted time of threading a wire into the small opening of traditional buccal tubes. 
The full funneled entrance allows for easy wire insertion. Wires are guided easily and gently in to the generous entrance, simplifying arch wire adjustments and saving valuable chair time.
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