Quest Indirect Bonding

The Old Way

Manual placement of braces using a combination of bonded and banded appliances, uncomfortable separators,
uncomfortable band fitting procedure, multiple appointments needed to apply full set of braces, bands cause
gum swelling and inflammation, potential for inconsistency in positioning of braces, more time consuming adjustment appointments.

The Quest Way

An "indirect" method using all bonded braces, precision fitting on a 3D model and custom transfer trays, no separators needed in most cases, no bands needed in many cases, one comfortable appointment to apply full set of braces, bonded braces are cleaner
and healthier, consistent high-precision placement, dramatically reduces the number of adjustments needed.

The Benefits

Patient's initial appointment is now faster and more comfortable than ever before. You spend less time bent over the patient! Eliminates an appointment from your schedule, reduces time spent fitting and cementing bands, fewer appointments needed to apply full set of braces with faster overall treatment progress, less chance for decay, tooth scarring, and gingivitis during orthodontic treatment, less tooth movement means less soreness, more gentle tooth movement means even less soreness, more precise positioning means potentially shorter treatment time, reduces the number of office visits needed for adjustments and the discomfort associated with adjustments.

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