Picking the Right Size Q Brush for Your Mouth

Q Brushes are available in eight sizes. Wires are coated and are safe for crowns, veneers, implants, and fixed appliances.


Brush handles are color-coded for easy size identification.



Size 0 (gray) is best between lower front teeth and for cleaning under lower orthodontic retainer wires.

Size 1 (purple) and size 2 (white) work well between upper front teeth and lower side teeth (bicuspids).

Size 3 (yellow) works well on back teeth (molars).

Size 4 (red), size 5 (blue), size 6 (teal) and size 7 (black) work best in areas where there are wide spaces between teeth.

Size 5 (blue), size 6 (teal) and size 7 (black) work well with braces to clean under wires and around orthodontic brackets.

Size 6 (teal) and size 7 (black) work well for post operative periodontal patients.


These sizes and uses are recommendations only. Q Brush is a personal product and should be fitted for your personal use.


Always follow written instructions. Keep away from children.
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