Q Brush

Looking to improve patient hygiene compliance?

  • Q Brush interproximal brushes effectively clean between teeth and around appliances, removing food and particles that can lead to bad breath, plaque, and gum disease.
  • Q Brush is easy to use and is convenient and discreet. Q Brush is available in eight sizes to effectively clean between all teeth, removing debris that floss may leave behind. Q Brush also comes in two handle styles. The “L-Type” handle makes it easy to reach back teeth and around certain appliances.
  • Q Brush is excellent for cleaning periodontal pockets. Q Brush wires are coated and safe for implants, crowns, bonded retainers, and orthodontic brackets.
  • Q Brush is available in many packaging options. All orders come with free “Prescription” pads. Patients may order Q Brush from NEXADENTAL with convenient home delivery.
  • Doctors: to refer your patients for direct purchase of Q brush, click here to see our consumer site.
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