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Toothbrushes for Ages 7-12

To place an order, call 877-885-9555 Monday–Friday from 8AM to 5PM central time. We accept orders by email and fax, 800-235-9001.


ORAPRO® Faze3 Big Kid Glitter

Item #: 10770
Price: $0.68 ea, $97.92/box
144 brushes/box
Ages: 7 to 12
Bristles: Soft
Tufts: 27
Length: 5.75 inches
Tapered head. Rubber thumb grip. Available in an assortment of light blue, yellow, purple, blue/yellow and blue/green. 

ORAPRO® Faze3 Neon Neon Kids

Item #: 70001
1+ Boxes: $0.58, $83.52/box
144 brushes/box
Ages: 7 to 12
Bristles: Soft
Tufts: 27
Length: 5 inches
Weight: 2.45# per box
Straight handle. Brushes come with assorted handle colors: green, orange, yellow or pink and assorted bristles: blue, green, purple or yellow.



ORAPRO® Jr./Adult

Item #: Neon: 71001  
Rainbow II: 81000 Rainbow: 10922
Price: $0.58, $83.52/box
144 brushes/box
Ages: 7 to 12
Bristles: Soft
Tufts: 41
Length: 5 inches
Weight: 3.05# per box
General dental toothbrush. Neon brushed available in an assortment of orange, yellow, pink, and green.

Rainbow II available in an assortment of blue, royal blue, lime, green, red, yellow, pink, and purple.


ORAPRO® Disposable Toothbrushes
Prepasted and Unpasted

Item #: Plain: 950-03   Cool Mint Gel: 950-07
Price Plain: $0.22, $31.59/box
Price Cool Mint Gel: $0.24, $34.99/box
144 brushes/box

Weight: 2.2# per box
These value toothbrushes come plain or pre-pasted with gluten-free Cool Mint gel toothpaste. Brushes are individually packaged in clear, plastic wrappers. Assorted colors: orange, green and blue.


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