New Plaque HD Plaque Identifying Toothpaste

New! Plaque HD™ Plaque Identifying Toothpaste

The latest innovation in oral care featuring the new Targetol™ Technology.
Targetol™ helps patients identify and brush away plaque.

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Plaque HD Before and After     

Plaque HD™ professional plaque-identifying toothpaste uses a proprietary, plant-based disclosing agent to identify plaque left behind after brushing. Plaque HD™ toothpaste uses Targetol™ Technology to help patients see plaque and brush more effectively to eliminate it.

A study* published in the American Journal of Medicine found that Plaque HD™ toothpaste with Targetol™ Technology identifies and removes more than twice as much plaque as other toothpastes.

  • Fluoridated
  • Plant-based plaque identifying agent 
  • Two great flavors that are mild on the tongue
  • Effective for teaching healthy brushing
  • Gluten-free
  • 4.1 oz. tubes
  • Available in Fresh Mint and Berry Bubblegum

*October 2016, “Randomized Trial of Plaque-Identifying Toothpaste: Decreasing Plaque and Inflammation”

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