Micro-MEC Glut 1.8% Test Strips

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Quickly and easily monitor the saturation level of glutaraldehyde before every use with Micro-MEC™ Glut 1.8% Test Strips.

Simply dip the test strip into the glut pan for two seconds, then remove and let excess liquid drip onto an absorbent cloth. Exactly 120 seconds later, compare the color on the strip to the visual standards on the test strip packaging. The color of the strip will indicate if the level is at the minimum 1.8% concentration. When the glutaraldehyde concentration level falls below 1.8%, it is necessary to replace the glutaraldehyde before continuing with disinfection and sterilization. Always perform a quality control test on a newly opened bottle of glutaraldehyde.

Each vial contains 60 test strips, two vials per box.

Item Number: M60054
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