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Toothbrushes for Ages 0-3

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ORAPRO® Finger Brush

Item #: 90001
Price: $0.68 ea, $68.29/box
100 brushes/box
Ages: 0 to 3
100% silicone finger brushes for teething. Packaged individually.

ORAPRO® Faze1 Infant Safety Brush

Item #: 900-502
Price: $2.21/each
Sold individually
Ages: 0 to 3
Bristles: Soft
Tufts: 24
Length: 3 inches
Weight: 1.15# per box
The Safety Toothbrush was designed to introduce brushing at the earliest possible age. Oblong circular shape makes it easy for infants to hold and helps to alleviate the fear of accidental over-insertion. Assorted colors: red, purple, pink, yellow, green, blue. 

Stage 2 Infant Toothbrush

Item #: 10021
Price: $7.29/bag
24 brushes/box
Ages: 0 to 3
Bristles: Soft
Tufts: 28
Length: 3.5 inches
Designed for ages 0 - 3. Soft DuPont™ Tynex® Nylon Bristles. Oversized handle to prevent over insertion. Great for children’s first teeth and easy transition from training to a toddler brush. Assorted colors: yellow, green, orange, purple and blue. 

ORAPRO® Faze1 Cartoon Kids

Item #: 10778
1+ Boxes: $0.37, $53.28/box
144 brushes/box
Ages: 0 to 3
Bristles: Soft
Tufts: 23
Weight: 5.25# per box
Great brush for infants. Small head for easy access, wide elastomeric handle with finger grips - perfect for little hands. Assorted designs and colors: pink, purple, teal and light blue.

ORAPRO® Faze1 Baby Big Brush

Item #: 10773
Price: $0.68 ea, $97.92/box
144 brushes/box
Ages: 0 to 2
Bristles: Soft
Tufts: 24
Length: 5 inches
Weight: 4.5# per box
Ideal for babies and toddlers to 24 months. Lady Bug design with fat handle for easy gripping. Assorted colors.

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