Caries Treatment

The revolutionary treatment for incipient caries and white spots... without drilling!

Until now, dental professionals have only had two choices in the treatment of caries:
use fluoride and other treatments to remineralize enamel in the very early stages,
or “wait and see” until it’s time to “drill and fill." Icon represents an entirely new,
revolutionary approach to treatment of incipient caries - a caries infiltrant.
This breakthrough micro-invasive technology fills and reinforces demineralized
enamel without drilling or anesthesia. 
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Before and After Treatment

Problem: Incipient Caries
Incipient Caries

Why previous treatments fall short:

  • Fluoride therapy - not always effective in the advanced stages
  • Filling - almost always sacrifices significant amounts of healthy tooth structure

First indications of incipient caries:
Why a “wait and see” approach can lead to problems.

  • Caries indication:
  • Incipient caries causes mineral loss under a pseudo-intact surface layer
  • The demineralization can affect a pore volume of 30% or more in the lesion body
  • Cariogenic acids diffuse through these pores and dissolve minerals from the enamel

No more “wait and see”... treat incipient caries upon discovery!
• Icon provides an innovative, never-before-seen option for treatment of smooth surface and proximal
carious lesions
• Instead of taking a “wait and see” approach, Icon can arrest the progress of early enamel lesions up
to the first third of dentin - in one simple procedure, without unnecessary loss of healthy tooth


         3d Video

Click here to experience the simple and quick
treatment method with Icon in a 3-D demo video.

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