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NEXADENTAL is proud to offer a wide selection of products that specifically cater to the needs of Head Start programs.

We have proudly served the oral health care professional since 1990, with products aimed to encourage good hygiene as well as products that kill germs and stop the spread of infection. Many of these non-medical products cross over into other markets.

NEXADENTAL began offering products to Head Start in the early 2000s. We count thousands of Head Start facilities as our customers. Our products are high quality with pricing suited to federally funded agencies. We sell brand names that are familiar, and we offer our own well-respected brand, ORAPRO®. We continually seek out innovative products and manufacturers. We have a sales force dedicated to the Head Start market.

You can reach by phone at 800-437-5606 Monday–Friday from 8AM to 5PM central time. We accept orders by email and fax, 800-235-9001.

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