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Hand Soaps

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Dial Antimicrobial Liquid Soap with Moisturizers and Vitamin E

Item #:
 5 oz. Decor bottle w/ Pump84024
One Liter Refill Cartridge: 84029
800ml Flex Pack Refill: 95503
 5 oz. Decor bottle w/ Pump: $45.29/case
12 bottles per case
One Liter Refill Cartridge: $79.89/case
8 cartridges per case
800ml Flex Pack Refill: $90.69/case
12 packs per case
Broad spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness
with extra moisturizers and conditioners to
protect against dry skin. Ideal for frequent
hand washing.

Dial Gold Antimicrobial Liquid Soap

Item #:
 One Liter Refill Cartridge84019
 2.0 oz. Bottle06059
16 oz. Bottle w/ Pump: 80790
One Liter Refill Cartridge: $65.99/case
8 cartridges per case
2.0 oz. Bottle: $91.69/case
48 bottles per case
16 oz. Bottle w/ Pump: $67.09/case
12 bottles per case
Broad spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness with added skin conditioners for mildness.

Dial Sensitive Skin Soap

Item #:
800ml Flex Pack Refill91502
800ml Flex Pack Refill: $82.89/case
12 packs per case
Broad spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness. Extra mild and formulated for very frequent hand washing. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested for even the most sensitive skin.

Dial Pure and Natural Hypoallergenic
Liquid Soap

Item #:
One Gallon Bottle: 6047
800ml Flex Pack Refill: 06045
One Gallon Bottle: $66.09/case
4 bottles per case
 800ml Flex Pack Refill: $61.29/case
12 packs per case
A mild liquid lotion soap that is gentle on the skin.
With its fresh floral fragrance and rich lotion look
and feel, Pure and Natural soap is a premium
product with an emphasis on value. Perfect for
any commercial setting including healthcare
facilities, schools, offices, restaurants, daycare
and more.

Dial Complete Foaming Hand Soap Dispensers

Item #:
One Liter Dispenser, Blue06056
6 dispensers per case

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