Direct Bond and Weldable Buccal Tubes

Our Buccal Tube line offers miniaturized cast buccal tubes with rounded surfaces for exceptional patient comfort and acceptance.

  • Torque-in-base buccal tube designs for easier alignment
  • Optimal functional occlusion and case finishing
  • Convertible caps are welded and brazed to avoid unwanted conversion
  • Most conversion caps have an extended tab to facilitate removal. Simply "peel" the cap away using a Weingart or How plier
  • Smooth recessed convertible caps reduce soft tissue irritation
  • Malleable ball hooks can be positioned away from soft tissue to avoid irritation or potential food traps
  • Headgear tubes are chamfered to ease insertion of facebows
  • Convertible bracket slots are chamfered in all four planes, making archwire insertion fast and effortless
  • Convertible buccal tubes incorporate a true "twin" bracket tie wing design to aid in ligation
  • Upper and lower combination tubes are offset from the gingival to avoid tissue impingement
  • Molded compound-contour base designs provide proper fit and appliance expression
  • All buccal tube designs are also available with an 80 gauge foil backed mesh base for direct bonding
  • Bases are brazed using precious metal materials to eliminate base to buccal tube separation
Weldable Buccal Tubes
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