ContacEZ IPR Strip System

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The ContacEZ IPR Strip System is an innovative interproximal reduction system that makes interproximal enamel stripping safe and accurate without creating sharp corners or sub-gingival ledges. These flexible diamond strips curve and conform along the natural contours of the teeth to maximize patient comfort and safety. They are ideal for use in orthodontic treatment.

• Central window
• Single-handed use
• Gag-free posterior access
• Will not remove excessive enamel

• Will not cut lips or gum
• Prevent sharp corners or subgingival ledges
• Autoclavable with steam heat (only) up to 280°
• Made in the USA

Yellow IPR Starter
- Start to open the contact safely and easily with a serrated edge

0.06mm • Single-Sided • Extra-Fine Diamond • Serrated

Red IPR Opener - Open the contact and reduce enamel gently on two teeth
0.12mm • Double-Sided • Medium Diamond

Dark Blue IPR Widener - Widen interproximal spaces and reduce enamel efficiently
0.15mm • Double-Sided • Coarse Diamond

Green IPR Extra-Widener - Further widen interproximal spaces safely for ideal alignment
0.20mm • Double-Sided • Coarse Diamond

Clear IPR Single-Sided Opener - Reduce enamel on the proximal surface of one tooth
0.10mm • Single-Sided • Medium-Fine Diamond • Serrated

Cyan IPR Single-Sided Widener - Further reduce enamel on the proximal surface of one tooth
0.12mm • Single-Sided • Medium-Coarse Diamond

Purple IPR Super-Widener - Further widen the interproximal space between two teeth
0.25mm • Double-Sided • Coarse Diamond

Brown IPR Mega-Widener - Create an extra-wide interproximal space between two teeth
0.30mm • Double-Sided • Coarse Diamond

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