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Brushing Aids

To place an order, call 800-437-5606 Monday–Friday from 8AM to 5PM central time. We accept orders by email and fax, 800-235-9001.


Toothbrush Caps

Item #: TBCAP
Price: $0.16 each, $23.04/box
144 caps per box
Snaps securely around brush head.

2-Tone Disclosure Tablets

Disclosure Tablets
Item #: 10402
250 tablets per box
2-Tone disclosure tablets help expose plaque left behind after brushing. Tablet is chewed and old plaque will stain blue to identify areas continually missed, while more recent plaque will stain red.


ORAPRO Disposable Mouth Mirrors

Item #: 14-TM
Price: $36.79/box
100 mirrors per box
Highly reflective mirror provides excellent
intraoral view. Peel away seal on mirror
prevents scratching for a clean, clear view.

Brushing Timers

Item #: 20403
Price: $37.44/box
72 timers per box
Three minute timers.

Disposable Paper and Plastic Cups

Item #
Paper, Jazz Print 3oz:
Plastic, White 3.5oz: T-9241
Plastic, Blue 3.5oz: T-9243


Paper, Jazz$321.39
5,000 per case
Plastic, White or Blue$37.79
1,000 per case
Paper cups are wax infused. Plastic cups have vertical embossed grip to prevent cracking.
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