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Covers and Accessories

To place an order, call 877-885-9555 Monday–Friday from 8AM to 5PM central time. We accept orders by email and fax, 800-235-9001.


Brush Holder Cover

Item #:
Cover: LBCVR
Long Cover: LBCVR-S
Cover: $27.00
Long Cover: $27.70
LBCVR is for use with LPBD-5, LPBD-10, LB20, LB10-S, and LB-12-S. LBCVR-S is for use with LB20-S.

Replacement Bags

Item #:
Replacement Bag: LBBG
Replacement Bag Long: LBBG-S
Replacement Bag: $17.10
Replacement Bag Long: $17.20
LBBG is for use with standard size covers, LBCVR. LBBG-S  is for use with long covers, LBCVR-S.


Item #: LBCLP
Price: $14.40
Comes with 6 clips. For use with LBCVR or LBCVR-S.

Hang It Up Wall Bracket

Item #: LBHG-1
Price: $17.80
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