SafeGauze® HemoStat™ Topical Hemostatic Dressing

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SafeGauze® HemoStat™ is a sterile fabric prepared by the chemical treatment of regenerated cellulose. It is a safe and effective product used in dental practices for the control of bleeding applied to extractions, periodontal surgery and other selected procedures. FDA cleared for safe and effective usage in the dental cavity. Flavor-free. Dressings are 4-ply and measure .75x.75”. 2 dressings per blister pack, 20 blister packs per box.

How it Works
  • Absorbs blood, saline, and water
  • Dressing expands and quickly transforms into a clear, viscous gel
  • Gel fills the dental cavity, molds itself to the shape of the extraction site, forming a “plug” to control bleeding
  • Accelerates aggregation of the platelets and the progression of blood coagulation, as well as increases viscosity in blood
  • Eventually dissolves to saline and glucose
  • Conforms to multiple wound sizes
  • Rapidly absorbs blood at many times its own weight
  • Decreases the time it takes for hemostasis to begin
  • Naturally resorbs in less than 21 days = no follow up appointments
  • No chemical or animal based additives
Easy to Use!
  1. Pop out of blister pack
  2. Fold or cut as needed
  3. Place over wound site 
  4. Gently manipulate for 2-5 seconds to activate product


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